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Enhancing User Experience and Engagement for FOODHUB 

Story: FOODHUB is a leading online food delivery portal that is customer-oriented and gives you an experience unlike any other food-delivery app. Seeking to optimize their website for a seamless user experience and improved customer retention, FOODHUB approached us for comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Objective: When FOODHUB chose to consort with our company, we faced the initial challenge of their brand consistency. To make FOODHUB stand-out from all the other food delivery apps in the market, we enhanced a website design that aligned with their brand identity, creating a cohesive and memorable user experience across all touchpoints. Secondarily the cluttered and complex website and the ineffective interface made it difficult for users to navigate, resulting in a high bounce rate and decreased user retention. We made sure that troubles faced by FOODHUB was resolved with ease and our best team of expertise. 

Approach: Beginning with their website content, we designed it with keeping the convenience of the users in mind. By magnifying the major factor; Location. We made it easy for users to enjoy the app in just four easy steps. Just pick the country, choose your desired location and order away. Our design team developed a minimalistic website design for FOODHUB. Added fascinating icons, high-quality optimized images and designed a “partner” tab. 

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