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Empowering Future: Introducing Electricity 4.0 for a Smarter World

Karan Shah

Aug 24, 2023

Lighting the Path Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Future with Smart Energy.

Electricity 4.0, a stirring revolution, is poised to transform society as we know it. Embracing the power of electricity and digital innovation, a sustainable future beckons on the horizon. This concept paves the way for a new era of smart energy, transforming our present into a dynamic, digitally empowered landscape.

The assumption is straightforward but profound: The cornerstone of addressing the climate catastrophe is a more electrified and digital world. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we, alongside our customers, are the architects of the 'New Electric World.' This transformation unfurls across diverse realms, from the comfort of our homes to the intricate weave of industries, data centres, and grids.

As it is understood, coal is currently the most prevalent raw material used to produce power. In fact, since the industrial revolution, burning fossil fuels has been practically the only source of development, releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the sky. A little over 41% of all electricity produced, according to figures from the World Coal Association, is derived by coal.

Because burning coal, oil, and gas produces the majority of the atmospheric carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming, powering the earth would be the first step in mitigating it.

Stepping into the game of sustainability, Schneider Electricity is bringing its “Revolution of Energy” game to the table.  Steve Smith, who is Schneider’s Head of Energy Management, Thought Leadership and Communications, Schneider Electricity believes that leading the circumstances with digital transformation is the best plan at present. 


“I’m championing the next chapter in our energy revolution, which we call Electricity 4.0, as the fastest way to net zero while delivering clean and affordable energy for all.” says Olivier the Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric's Energy Management business. 

The Eco Data Centre in Sweden, the first "climate-positive" data center in the world, is Schneider's flagship data center project. 

More than a million commercial buildings, 40% of the world's utilities, data centers, and hospitals, as well as more than half of those, are Schneider projects. 

Will this new innovation in sustainable energy promise a strong foundation for a better future?


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