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In Detroit, the US's first Wireless Charging Road was unveiled

Sanjana Mandavia

Jan 8, 2024

The first wireless charging of an electric vehicle in North America has taken place on a 400 meter stretch of road in Detroit.

Special coils were placed beneath the asphalt of the road that could be charged by motor vehicles as they drove through it. It's the latest example of driving technology that officials had hoped would be created out of Michigan Central's mobility district.

In a speech in Michigan Central, Bettison announced that the city is competing with other cities around the world to remain ahead of advances in vehicle electrification.

"I want everyone to take time to savor this moment. This is the beginning of the future," he said.

It was announced on Wednesday morning, just before Electreon, the manufacturer of this new technology, had demonstrated charging in a real time. The company's vice president for business development in the U.S. referred to the first paved mile on Woodward when he spoke of the significance of the first electric road in the U.S.

While 14th Street is the first paved road that can charge a road, it's only the beginning of a plan to lay coils on Michigan Avenue.

"Marking this initial step of this project with the next one being Michigan Avenue, we can begin today to pave the path for a sustainable, electrical mobility future of tomorrow," he said.

The publication notes that the unveiling of the road included a specially modified Ford Transit, driven across charging points with an estimated peak charge rate of 19 kW briefly seen.

Electreon has previously installed the technology as a trial in Europe, partnering with Dutch automotive conglomerate Stellantis – formed after Peugeot-Citroen and Fiat-Chrysler merged – to develop the ‘Arena of the Future’.

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