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New generative AI from Google has been launched in India.

Kiara Mandavia

Sep 2, 2023

The Search Generative Experience offers India-focused features including language switching, text-to-speech, and conversational voice input and is available in both English and Hindi.

Google has introduced a new feature to its search generative experience. It is none other than the king of all tools, Artificial Intelligence. Google announced on Wednesday, August 30, that it has added generative AI to its search engine for users in India and Japan. The search engine behemoth has stated that this feature's arrival will provide textual or visual results in prompts, including summaries.

The feature, first launched in the United States, now gives access to two more countries where users will have a choice of opting in for the functionality.  The purpose of Google's search function is to be used for information searches, such as finding nearby stores or any other desired location. It differs from its counterpart, Bard, a chatbot that can replicate human speech to, for an instance, create software code.

Furthermore, Japanese users will be able to use the feature in their local languages, while it will be available in English and Hindi in India. 

According to media sources, Google is also introducing voice input to its AI-powered search in India. This would allegedly allow users to speak inquiries rather than typing them and listen to the results.

Google stated that during the previous release, it found that the function is more popular among younger users. According to reports, the 18-24 age group prefers to ask questions in a more conversational tone. In the AI-powered overview, users will now notice a new arrow indicator next to the information. They can then click on it to access relevant online pages. This will allow them to go to the source of AI's data. 

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