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New Payment System Launched in China by Tencent

Kiara Mandavia

Jun 6, 2023

As world goes digital, China brings another technology in the game. New Payment method, “Palm-recognition" has been set in motion by Tencent.

Chinese social media giant Tencent Holdings is trying to let passengers on Beijing subway pay for their rides with just the palm of their hand. This is a new service launched through his WeChat Pay service in the Chinese capital, known locally as Weixin Pay. 

“To register, palm prints must be taken at a designated machine at a metro station. Passengers can then use their palms at turnstiles with a green circle”, Tencent said in a statement. The technology relies on recognition of both surface-level palm prints and the hand’s veins, according to Tencent. It was developed by the company’s YouTu artificial intelligence lab.

“In our aim to improve efficiency and greatly simplify user experience, we are making new technology more user-friendly for the elderly and accessible to people with disabilities,” the company said in the statement. 

As the modern technology takes over, it carries the concern on its back. Even though technology has become human’s necessity, it can be something of a trick too, for technology has its limitation as well. Recognition system rely on sophisticated technology, and their effectiveness can be limited by factors such as hardware quality, software algorithms, and network connectivity. Outdated or poorly implemented systems may result in performance issues or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious factors. 

Many other companies like Amazon (USA) and Alibaba Group Holding are working on the similar technology. 

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