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US Signal expands with a second data center in Indianapolis

Sanjana Mandavia

Dec 7, 2023

One of the fastest-growing Midwest tech hubs, Indianapolis, is home to US Signal's second data center, which it acquired. US Signal is a major provider of cloud solutions, network connection, and data center services.

The acquisition of a second data center in Indianapolis, which is one of the fastest growing Midwest technology ecosystems, was announced by US Signal, an international provider of cloud solutions, network connectivity and data centre services. The facility is located at 6325 Morenci Trail and is the second US Signal data center on the market, measuring 9,600 square feet, 2 megawatts.

“We are seeing increased demand for off-premises services and hybrid cloud solutions,” says US Signal COO John White. “The Morenci data center will allow us to serve more customers in the emerging Indianapolis market while realizing another step in our five-year plan to build additional digital infrastructure in our Midwest footprint.”

Once the upgrade is complete, a new data centre will have 300 available cabinets coupled to 24x7 staffing and security at all levels. The US Signal Cloud Pod, which will allow you to host Private and Multitenant cloud services, shall also be available at the facility. This enables customers to establish personal connections with US Signal Cloud resources or access directly from hyperscale providers by installing these services in a data center and across client hardware.

All critical facility components at the Morenci data center are redundant, and efficient cooling solutions will keep temperature and humidity levels consistent. The data centre is set up in accordance with the Tier III of Uptime's system standards and site security includes storm response plans as well as multivalent recovery plans. The SSAE 18-audited, HIPAA-compliant, PCI-certified data center can also serve as a secondary disaster recovery site or as a component of a hybrid IT strategy.

The new US Signal data centre will double the amount of staff it has on the market, allowing for a number of miles of new fiber to be built as part of its existing footprint in the region. There's room for a lot of expansion at the site with several acres, and US Signal intends to add up to 600 more boxes as demand dictates.

“We are committed to building out our digital infrastructure over the next five years,” concludes White. “We're building cloud, we're building fiber, and we're building data centers all to help our customers.”

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