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Vantage Data Centers Reaches New Heights with VA21 Data Center Topping Ceremony

Karan Shah

Aug 25, 2023

Pinnacle of Progress as First Data Center Soars on 96MW Ashburn Campus

In an outstanding testament to innovation, Vantage Data Centers achieves a monumental milestone as it culminates the construction of its inaugural VA21 data centre in Ashburn, Virginia. This feat marks a crucial stride towards establishing the expansive 96MW VA2 campus, propelling the future of data infrastructure.

The visionary VA2 campus is confident to redefine data centre architecture, comprising a trilogy of cutting-edge data centres sprawled across an expansive 18-acre canvas. This endeavour is set to yield 800,000 sq ft (74,300 sqm) of data centre space. The driving force behind this will be Dominion Energy illuminating the path for boundless innovation.

With roots dating back to August 2022, Vantage's plans for the campus took place into reality, nestled strategically within a mile of its existing VA1 entity. VA1, upon full maturation, promises an astounding 146MW. The footprint of Vantage's excellence extends further with the development of VA3, an134-acre prospect, firmly anchoring the company's eminence in the Ashburn landscape.

While the completion date for VA2 remains a secret, a recent LinkedIn post from Vantage exclaims, "Today we celebrated the topping out of VA21, the first data centre on our developing VA2 campus in Ashburn, Virginia. We were happy to celebrate this milestone with the construction team and trades, our employees, and special guest Buddy Rizer. Thanks to our construction and safety teams for all your hard work to make this a successful project!"

Vantage Data Centers is a global force, boasting an extensive network of 30 campuses that collectively house over 13 million sq ft (1.2m sqm) of cutting-edge data centre space. The dynamic trajectory of Vantage's expansion journey is epitomized by its recent announcement of a remarkable $3 billion data centre campus in Malaysia, the strategic acquisition of land in Phoenix, Arizona, and the revelation of an upcoming campus in the heart of west London.

The topping ceremony of VA21 stands not just as a testament to Vantage's progress but as a symbol of innovation's triumph over limitations, and a precursor to a future where data meets limitless potential.

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