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Increase social media presence of Saarth Travels using best practices


Story: Saarth Travels is tours and travel company giving best trip experience one can get out there. Being an exceptional travel business  dedicated to curating unforgettable journeys and crafting tailor-made journeys to some of the most captivating destinations around the globe. Found in the year 2017, they have organized more than 80+ trips.

Objective: Drive Customer Engagement: Saarth Travels seek to foster a strong and interactive relationship with their target audience through various marketing channels. By encouraging meaningful conversations, sharing captivating content, and soliciting feedback, the company aims to create a loyal community of engaged travelers.

Approach: We developed compelling and visually stunning content that showcases the unique experiences offered by Saarth Travels. This includes high-quality photographs, videos and interactive elements that immerse customers in the destinations, cultures, and activities they can enjoy. The content evoked emotions, sparked curiosity, and highlighted the personalization aspect of their travel experiences. 


To kick start the campaign, we ran a few paid ads across all their social media platforms, conducted early bird booking offers and surprise gifts to the travelers who booked their packages with Saarth Travels. This led to an increase in their client base, brand reach and more number of engagements. 

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