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Expand Symbo's Online presence with Innovative Web Solution by The MindCraft Media 


Story: Symbo is a dynamic insuretech firm that provides innovative solutions to the insurance industry. With a strong focus on digital transformation, Symbo’s sought to elevate its online presence, engage customers more effectively, and showcase its cutting-edge offerings in a visually appealing manner.

Objective: Before our team worked on development of the Symbo’s website, the previous website gained less traffic and there was smaller user engagement. Further, lead generation based on the website was bare minimum compared to the result achieved after the enhancement of the website as it boosted up to 60-70%. Eventually, the limited visual appeal was taken over as existing website design did not captivate visitors, leading to a high bounce rate and missed opportunities for user engagement 

Approach: We moved forward to bring the solution on table to enhance their online presence by adding icons, made the website more appealing by giving it a 3D effect and opted to make the website more user-friendly by building the content in an easy language that helped the user understand Symbo’s Vision & Mission without any obstacle. 

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